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Welcome Home Daddy

Welcome Home Daddy

A few years ago I was at the Raleigh airport waiting to pick someone up.

As I stood where the passengers would come out I noticed a young woman holding a baby in one arm and saw that she had something rolled up under her other arm. She bent over and started to unroll what she had been carrying and I assumed it was a blanket for the baby to lay on. As she unrolled it though I saw writing and moved a little closer. When I realized what it was it immediately brought tears to my eyes. It was a homemade sign that read “I’ve waited my whole life to meet you. Welcome Home Daddy”.

You see, this young wife was meeting her husband who was a soldier returning home from deployment. He had never had a chance to see or hold his baby girl until that very moment. While his wife was in labor he was away defending freedom. She was home delivering America’s future. Seeing this reminded me of the sacrifice our military families make. When one serves they all serve. These spouses keep things running smoothly while their loved ones are deployed. They do their best to fill the void while their spouse is away. It cannot be easy.

Thank you to our military spouses for keeping the home fires burning! We acknowledge and appreciate your sacrifice!