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Support Us With Amazon Smile

Did you know that you can help support Valor and Honor Outdoors by using your amazon account on www.smile.amazon.com and selecting Valor and Honor Outdoors as your charity. Certain purchases are eligible for donations and will be sent directly to Valor and Honor Outdoors! Thank you for your support!

You Are NOT Alone

“You are not alone“. You’ll see those words on a lot of sites dedicated to veterans. The reality is that many vets struggle as they return home from combat or leave military service and integrate back into civilian life. Even when a veteran is around family and civilian friends they may still feel alone, out…
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Welcome Home Daddy

A few years ago I was at the Raleigh airport waiting to pick someone up. As I stood where the passengers would come out I noticed a young woman holding a baby in one arm and saw that she had something rolled up under her other arm. She bent over and started to unroll what…
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