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You Are NOT Alone

You Are NOT Alone

“You are not alone“. You’ll see those words on a lot of sites dedicated to veterans. The reality is that many vets struggle as they return home from combat or leave military service and integrate back into civilian life. Even when a veteran is around family and civilian friends they may still feel alone, out of touch and disconnected. As hard as it may be to understand, you can literally feel all alone even while standing in the midst of a crowd or surrounded by people who care about you.

There is something about standing shoulder to shoulder with other veterans who have experienced the things you have, seen the things you have seen and struggled with the same things as you. That’s why in addition to outdoor recreational therapy we also provide acces to counselors who specialize in dealing with the issues active duty military and veterans face. If you ever need to talk – we’re here. If you know someone who needs to talk – send them our way.

There are also many other great resources available. One of those is the Veteran Crisis Line at 1-877-717-7873. They are available 24/7 for active duty military, veterans and their families. This service is provided by the PTSD Foundation of America. Your can learn more about them at PTSDUSA.ORG.

Remember, you are NOT alone.